Uploaded More on Thomas Downs(#20)

I have added a couple of new pages to DownsGenealogy.com.  First of all, I’ve added a biographical sketch on my great grandfather, Tomas Downs(#20).  He came to America in 1882 and is the progenitor of my Downs family in this country.  He came to this country as a telegraph operator on the first direct telegraph cable connecting Europe and America.  Read his biography here.

The other piece is an article on Thomas Downs’s Contract with the French Cable Company as an operator in America.  Much of the information is the same in both, but the Biographical Sketch tells Thomas’s story, all I know.  The article analyzes that document and takes you through how I analyzed it and what it told me.  I expect most casual readers would want to read the biographical sketch first and if their interest is piqued, they can read the article.

I also forgot to link the genealogical charts and stuff for John W. Downs (#18) when I put up his biographical sketch last month.  That is now corrected, or you can just look here:

Ancestry of John W. Downs

Vital Information for John W. Downs

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