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Website Last Updated: 21 December 2018


The purpose of this site is to share my research and all that I know about our family history and genealogy for both the casual reader and the serious researcher.  This will include biographical profiles, research articles, photographs, genealogical charts, etc.  I will not only share the information but any interesting stories on how I solved a problem, especially if it might give fellow researchers insight on my methods in a particular case.

What you will find here

Titles are links.

Biographical Sketches  Updated: 5 January 2019

The biographical sketches are just that, short biographies of my ancestors and other family members based on my research.  These are geared towards the casual reader thought the may contain bits about how or where I found the information.  These differ from the Articles (next section), which go into details on how I solved an issue or finally found their parents.  Biographical sketches and articles will be cross-referenced.

Articles  Updated: 5 Junuary 2019

Articles will cover how I solved problems, made discoveries, proved something, etc.  They might be a bit technical for the casual reader, but I put them here in hopes that other genealogists may learn from them or find them interesting.  Articles might concern an individual, a family or some different topic.

My Blog

My blog will first and foremost inform subscribers when I’ve posted new material.  Any time I put a new article up, do a biographical sketch or add anything else here, I’ll inform everyone with a short blog post, so please “follow by mail” at the top of the sidebar to the right.  You will get an email when there is new stuff here, or old stuff has been updated.

I will also share other things like updating everyone on my research (or someone else’s) or report news of genealogical interest.  I may share thoughts, observations, memories from the past or anything else I feel is pertinent.

Genealogy  Updated: 15 December 2018

This is actually a separate website ( for all of the family trees, charts, etc. to support my research presented here.  Here you will find genealogical charts and family group sheets.  Click your way through our family tree but first, I highly recommend you read the brief guide I prepared on how to use the links between the two sites.  It can be found here: How to Use Downs Family Trees.

Genealogical Tips  Coming Soon

Here I will share advice on various topics and hopefully keep you from repeating my mistakes.  I hope the budding genealogist takes things in this section to heart.

About this Website  Updated: 11 December 2018

There will be many subtopics here including conventions used, explanation on my numbering system, privacy policy, acknowledgments and more.  You will also find tips for helping you get the most out of

Myths & Misconceptions  Updated: 11 December 2018

There is a lot of wrong information out there, even among some of the newer sources.  These include unproven or disproved royal descents, conjecture improperly passed on as fact and just plain error.  I will cover these issues here.

Research and Brick walls   Coming Soon

Here are the places I am currently stumped.  Can you help me?  I’ll also cover current projects I’m undertaking here.

FAQ – Genealogy  Updated: 17 December 2018

Here are frequently asked questions about genealogy in general, like what do those double dates me or how does that second cousin once removed thing work?

Bibliography and Recommended Reading  Coming Soon

Here you will find both a list of works I have extensively consulted in my research and a second list, broken down by category, of books I recommend to anyone wanting to know or learn more about a given topic.

Links  Updated: 11 December 2018

My recommended links categorized by subject matter like software, online records, etc.