Last Updated: 5 January 2019

This page links to the articles I have written.  In the biographical sketches, I tell what I know about someone, and often I get this information from town records, Giles Hopkins’s manuscript or other readily available sources.  But sometimes I have had to solve a mystery to move to the next step, or maybe I made an exciting discovery, solved a genealogical brick wall or wanted to answer a question I was asked.  That is what I do in the articles.

While I might tell a story in a biographical sketch, it is here where I might share how I discovered the information.  I will not only deal with individuals here, but I will also talk about entire families or maybe an event in history or something about the town of Orleans.

While I’m sure the casual reader will find things of interest here, these are more technical in nature than the biographical sketches.


Thomas Downs’s(#20) Death Certificate  New: 4 December 2018
Thomas Downs’s(#20) Contract with the French Cable Company  New: 5 January 2019